Become a TAP Supporter

Become a TAP Supporter

How can your business or network get involved?

TAP works with organisations in the Education, Healthcare and Social Care sectors to help create a more positive society. For TAP our supporters are absolutely essential as they provide a way for TAP to extend its market reach in order to help deliver our mission. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to find out more about how you can support us and the benefits this can bring. If you want to make a positive difference to the lives of keyworkers in education, healthcare or social care this is the perfect opportunity to do so.

TAP Supporter Level

The Supporter level requires an organisation with a shared mission to provide added value in lieu of financial payment to TAP. This could be in the form of providing a channel to promote TAP to its customer base, co-branding at events, providing speaker opportunities at events or personal introductions to specific customers. Benefits to Supporters:

  • Promoted as a Supporter on TAP’s website.
  • Branded presence on TAP’s website.
  • Social media content promoting partnership on TAP’s communication channels: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram.

TAP Education Supporters

Diverse Educators

Diverse Educators are delighted to be collaborating with TAP to show appreciation to our community of educators. We believe in celebrating the profession and amplifying the diverse voices in our network and beyond

Hannah Wilson

Founder and Director, Diverse Educators

Governors for Schools

We work with schools and volunteers across England and Wales to improve education for children and young people. With over 20 years experience matching volunteers with schools, we’re committing to ensuring every board has diverse and effective governance. Our skills-based matching service means every volunteer is placed on a board where they can make the biggest impact. We’re delighted to be supporting TAP given our shared commitment to improve the mental health and well-being of school staff.

Hannah Stolton

CEO, Governors for Schools

Minds Ahead

As a social enterprise focused on mental health within education, we know that showing gratitude, passing on thanks and letting your colleagues know that you value them is so important to wellbeing, mental health and just a good thing to do. Our social enterprise works remotely with colleagues all over the UK and so having the chance to share a simple thanks helps to bring colleagues together and allow for that informal communication that is otherwise lost when we meet infrequently

Dean Johnstone

CEO, Minds Ahead

Teach Strong

This is a unique opportunity for schools to both strengthen relationships with parents and boost the well-being of staff through gratitude. At a time when budgets are under strain, it is fantastic that this service can be offered at absolutely no cost to the school. At TeachStrong, we know the importance of gratitude and so we’re happy to spread the word about this service. As well as this, being a primary school teacher myself, I love the idea of my pupils’ parents being able to let me know what they appreciate via the TAP platform. What a great way to get some positive feedback, something that can be lacking in our profession.

Sam Hart

Director, Teach Strong

Teach Well Alliance

There is nothing more motivating to be thanked and to be shown appreciation for your work. This is especially true in education where school staff are facing a number of challenges, including Covid-19. TAP is a wonderful way of saying "Thank You" to an individual teacher, a member of the support, admin or ancillary staff, or even a whole school. It costs nothing, yet its impact is priceless. Thank someone in a school through TAP today!

Steve Waters

Founder & CEO, Teach Well Alliance

The Happiness Club

The Happiness Club are so pleased to be working with TAP to support their invaluable work. A huge part of what we teach is the importance of gratitude and appreciation in building and maintaining resilience and emotional well-being. The TAP initiative champions those things beautifully and we look forward to a future of supporting each other’s work

Jo Howarth

Founder & Managing Director, The Happiness Club

Worldwide Education & Care

Worldwide Education & Care is a recruitment company built on strong foundations of experience, insight and cohesive working with a very personable approach, which has contributed to the retention of staff. We view recognition as an essential tool to success and see TAP as a further way to acknowledge and praise those working in the education and care community!

Emma Kiernan

Managing Director, Worldwide Education & Care

Your Grey Matters

We are thrilled to be supporters of TAP and the exceptional service they provide. This is a win-win situation for all; parents can thank and praise their child’s teacher, teachers receive appreciation for their work and there is no cost to our schools! This can only serve to improve the well-being of educators and empower parents. will definitely be spreading the word far and wide; starting with the schools I teach in. Great work TAP!

Hayley Walton

Managing Director, Your Grey Matters

TAP Healthcare and Social Care Supporters


3 Spirit UK is delighted to be supporting TAP which recognises the excellent contribution care and support staff make to our communities. Care and support work is a highly skilled, but a much underpaid and undervalued role. Low pay and lack of stable working opportunities mean that staff often lack confidence and feel unappreciated. We want staff to know that their contribution is critical to sustaining our communities in all the ways that really matter.

Caroline Bartle

CEO, 3SpiritUK

Care Choices

Care Choices is delighted to be thanking Unsung Heroes alongside TAP and the fantastic platform they have created. The social care workforce has been nothing short of incredible during the COVID-19 crisis and has long-deserved national recognition of its dedication to caring for vulnerable people. It’s so important that the workforce feels supported by the public and those they work with, which TAP can help to make happen.

Lisa Werthmann

Director of Creative Operations, Care Choices

LifeVac Europe Limited

The whole team here at LifeVac Europe are very proud to be collaborating with TAP and support the amazing work that they do. Everyone deserves recognition for the important and kind things they do every day for other people. LifeVac Europe work very closely with the healthcare sector in the UK and we see how hard nurses, carers and guardians work every day to make others happy and well,

Matthew Banagan

Sales & Marketing Director, LifeVac Europe Limited

Nectar HR

Nectar HR is delighted to be partnering with TAP. We truly believe that this wonderful platform which recognises Unsung Heroes working in healthcare, social care and education, while raising funds for good causes is needed now more than ever. We have worked closely with our clients in these sectors throughout the pandemic and truly believe our colleagues deserve to be recognised for their outstanding contributions. We firmly believe in the power of gratitude and recognition.

Sonia Rai

Director, Nectar HR

No1 Healthcare

No1 Healthcare is ecstatic to be showing our thanks and appreciation to the unsung Heroes, alongside TAP. The Healthcare sector is a fundamental sector that is truly valued and appreciated for everyone who is involved in this sector. We have seen time after time how Healthcare professionals show their bravery, courage and support at the hardship times and we are honoured to be able to show them recognition and support through TAP.

Chand Kaur

Director of Operations, No1 Healthcare

Redcrier Training Solutions

We pride ourselves on the quality of our training and the strength of our relationships with care professionals. That’s why we’re so pleased to be joining forces with TAP to increase recognition for those working in the care sector and the great work that they do.

Jamie Brockhurst

BDM, Redcrier Training Solutions


ResHub is delighted to partner with TAP. Our platform focuses on relationship centred care by providing a connected experience between residents, family and staff. We understand the importance that psycho-social wellness has on our overall health, so enabling TAP to provide a means of expressing gratitude and thanks is a very natural extension to our offering and one that we believe will positively impact upon the wellbeing of staff, family and residents.

Sean McLoughlin

CEO, ResHub


In everything we do, Sekoia is about the Unsung Heroes of social care. Just like TAP we’re thankful of the incredible effort the social care workforce has contributed to society during the pandemic. They have been nothing but outstanding. It’s so important that this is blasted out to the general public and here TAP can really help make that happen.

Morten Mathiesen

CMO, Sekoia

Talking Health Leadership

We place a lot of emphasis on supporting and recognising the contribution NHS leaders play in the wider health service. We are keen to support the important work TAP are doing. The more we thank and praise our staff, the greater the outcomes for staff and patients.

Ben Falk

Founder, Talking Health Leadership

The Care Umbrella

Having been in the care industry for years now, I am so proud of the dedication and hard work that carers throughout the UK provide on a daily basis 7 days a week, 365 a year! Here’s to more acknowledgement of the work you all do thank you ‘Thank and Praise’ for facilitating such a positive service and giving others a chance to say ‘Thank You’ too

Sarah Jones

Director, The Care Umbrella

The Institute of Health and Social Care Management

We want to recognise everyone from housekeepers to cooks, from managers to care workers, activity coordinators to social care nurses from the entire social care sector. TAP have made this possible through their incredible gratitude platform. The last 20 months have been incredibly difficult physically and emotionally and it’s time we take a minute to say thank you. Thank you for all our incredible work, your passion, and your dedication

Adam Purnell

Director of Social Care, The Institute of Health and Social Care Management

The National Care Forum

Our incredible social care workers have been oUt there each and every minute of each and every day providing care and support in people’s own homes, in supported living settings, in extra care housing, in care homes and in day centres. They deserve our continual praise which TAP’s thanking platform can help facilitate.

Vic Rayner

CEO, The National Care Forum

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