TAP’s mission is to become the global currency of thanks. We believe that by enabling people to more easily thank keyworkers in Education, Healthcare and Social Care around the world, we can end the culture of complaining and replace it with one of thanking and showing appreciation.

TAP Australia

Launched at the beginning of 2021, our TAP Australia team is building a solid base from its Sydney HQ.

Its first TAP user organisation, perhaps unsurprisingly, was the Western Australia Department of Fire and Emergency Services whose brave firefighters are considered heroes by everyone living in Australia as they regularly put their lives on the line to save others. You can view their Thanking Wall here: WA Department of Fire & Emergency Services Thanking Wall. 🡭

To: Fire Fighters

You all do an amazing job. My granddaughter is a volunteer fire fighter in NSW So proud of her as she was one of many out there fighting the 2020 bush fires. She also helped with the QId and Vic fires. She is so dedicated to help keep our communities safe. So proud of her and all the firies that fought those fires putting their own lives on the line to save others. Thank you each and every one of You. God bless You all.

Debra Orr

While the New South Wales Rural Doctors’ Network is the latest organisation to benefit from TAP’s free-to-use social thanking platform. You can view their Thanking Wall here: SW Rural Doctors’ Network Thanking Wall. 🡭

To: Rural Health professionals

Thank you all the volunteers and professionals who keep our country functioning whether that is in volunteer fire brigade, SES, salvation army, doctors an nurses in rural towns where hospitals have been closed down and the long list of people in rural communities who put their caring into action. Thank you.

Marilyn Peltonen

Visit TAP Australia website 🡭

TAP America

Our intention is to launch TAP in America in 2022 and we have already identified a network of 12 schools in California that are keen to be the first to adopt TAP as a way of showing appreciation to their school staff as well as raising funds for a school-related charity.