TAP Toolkit

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TAP Web Widget

This is the most effective tool to both share and generate messages of thanks by allowing everyone to see a window to your thanking wall on your website. For integration into your web environment, it will need to be shared with your internal website person/team, but it should be a simple matter of clicking on the link provided, where an embedded code, plus a fixed feed popover, provides instructions on how to set this up.

Build your Widget

TAP Poster

We have supplied some standard format posters for printing, which we would encourage you to display in prominent areas aimed at both staff and visitors. One version is focused on internal staff-to-staff thanking. The other is to encourage members of the public to leave a message of thanks for the organisation or staff members.

‘TAP to THANK’ button

TAP to THANK button
A simple logo/banner that you can use online and link directly to your THANKING WALL. This allows everyone to see all the messages of thanks that have been posted and also encourages them to leave a message of thanks for your organisation.

Social Media

We know that supporting our organisations is so important and with that in mind, we will be sending out our ‘TAP News’ newsletter sharing interesting and inspiring stories within the TAP community.

We encourage everyone in your organisation to stay up to date on the latest ‘TAP News’ and sign up to receive our newsletter 🡭.

We also suggest (if you have a newsletter and a social media presence) that you announce the TAP partnership to your own community, using this opportunity to outline the benefits of TAP and giving thanks; essentially encouraging your community to give it a go and start their thanking journey.

TAP Logo

TAP logo horizonalTAP logo vertical

Simple as it sounds, we are sharing our logos. Feel free to use them in any communications you plan to share about TAP.

TAP User banner

TAP user banner
A simple logo/banner you can use anywhere to promote the fact your organisation is a partner of TAP. (e.g. website, email signature, newsletter, social media post etc)

Web Banner Ads

TAP Web Banner Ads
In the event there is an opportunity to run other digital ad messages, we have created some standard sized static web ads. These are generic, so if you wish to amend, change or make more dynamic, please get in touch and we can work together to make something more creative for you.

TAP Elevator Pitch/Text

This is a set of words that outlines who TAP is, what TAP does and why TAP exists. Feel free to use this text if you want to explain to other internal or external partners the reasons for partnering with us.
TAP Thank And Praise harnesses the power of positivity and allows everyone to thank anyone, from anywhere, at any time. Just go online to thankandpraise.co.uk or download the free TAP app to leave a message of thanks and appreciation for someone. We will make every effort possible to ensure that the messages get to the right people. TAP's aim is to help create a more positive world where giving and receiving thanks is the norm, not the exception. remember, anytime, anywhere...just TAP to THANK.