Why TAP?


Why TAP?

Since TAP’s social thanking platform was launched in January 2019, it has already made a positive impact on society, with a focus on supporting keyworkers in the healthcare, social care and education sectors. Here’s what TAP’s community has to say about its impact on those working within Healthcare, Social Care and Education, especially given that both sectors face similar challenges around staff recruitment, recognition and retention.

TAP gives families an opportunity to express their appreciation to teachers. So often teachers are at the front line for parental complaints. It is important for them to realise these are outweighed by support for their efforts and commitment. Recruiting teachers is becoming increasingly more difficult. TAP provides a way of raising the profession’s profile and value in society. It motivates the team and supports a positive ethos. TAP is an effective and welcome addition to any school’s ethos and staff well-being programme.

Lorna Anderton

Headteacher, St Michael’s Church of England Primary School

TAP is committed to creating a more positive world where giving and receiving thanks is the norm not the exception by making it easier to thank the Unsung Heroes in Healthcare, Social Care and Education. It has never been more important to show our gratitude to Healthcare, Social Care and Education workers, especially in these unprecedented times.

TAP’s social thanking platform makes it easier for people to thank society’s Unsung Heroes. Thanking is a simple yet positive action that hugely benefits both the recipient and the giver of thanks. We believe that by enabling members of the public to quickly and easily thank, we can end the culture of complaining and replace it with one of thanking it and showing appreciation. It’s a big dream but one we are determined to fulfil.

To register and to send messages of thanks is quick and easy (it literally takes a minute) and users can do so via almost any digital channel. The aim is to reduce barriers to sending messages of thanks (barriers like not knowing the contact details of the person you want to thank, or not having the address of the organisation, or not having time to post a card or say thanks in person). Through TAP’s platform all you need is one minute, the name of the person you want to thank and where they work and away you go!

TAP is designed to enhance the mental well-being of key workers in healthcare, social care and education, with no implementation processes.